Request for JSON-LD API review (was: Coordination)

Hi all,

I've followed the discussions about better coordination between W3C and TC39
with great interested. We are defining an API ourselves but none of us have
been aware of this mailing list till recently. So we did ask Robin in the
past to review our API which was very helpful [1] (thanks again Robin). Last
week the JSON-LD API spec went into Last Call and I would thus like to
kindly ask for reviews of the latest working draft.

The spec is available at
(please make sure to send your comments (also) to

A bit of background info:

After a short discussion with Robin we decided to use method overloading to
have the "callback" parameter always last while still having an optional
"options" parameter. We are aware of the fact this isn't allowed at the
moment and already raised an issue for WebIDL [2].

Boris Zbarsky already raised his concerns about this style as not being
"platform consistent" [3].

We also considered Futures but decided that introducing a normative
dependency to the DOM spec is not acceptable at this stage.

Thanks a lot,


Markus Lanthaler

Received on Tuesday, 16 April 2013 15:31:31 UTC