Re: Aligning NTriples grammar with Turtle grammar

Cancel that request.  Nathan pointed out that this is already covered in
and I hadn't found it.  Sorry!


On Wed, 2012-05-02 at 17:24 -0400, David Booth wrote:
> It would be nice if the NTriples and Turtle grammars were aligned.
> AFAICT, NTriples is only defined in the RDF Test Cases document
> and that grammar allows only US-ASCII characters (not Unicode), bnodes
> cannot contain periods, hyphens or underscores, and a URI reference
> cannot be empty, such as <>.  There may be other mismatches as well --
> those were just some that I noticed.
> Is the WG already planning to address this?  I could not tell from
> looking at
> Thanks!

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