Final round of R2RML spec changes; please review to prepare for CR


I've completed my remaining actions on R2RML editing:

* Implement ISSUE-68 resolution (allow multiple predicate maps and object maps
  per predicate-object map) (Thanks Boris for updating the diagram!)
* Clean up Section 11 (ISSUE-73)
* Editorial changes to Section 10 along the lines suggested by Ashok
* Wording changes to note on extensions of the natural mapping, as proposed by
* Remove SotD paragraph on XML Schema dependency as XSD seems to be going REC
  way before us after all

With my editor's hat on, I believe that the R2RML spec is now ready for CR (minus front matter and HTML validation).

You may want to review these changes (and anything else that has changed in the spec since LC) in preparation for next week's WG call.

The following links may be helpful in the review:

* Summary of changes

* Diff of today's changes

* Diff of all changes since Last Call (lots!)

All the best,

Received on Friday, 20 January 2012 13:19:35 UTC