ISSUE-74 (appendix-B2): Re-organize the table in Appendix B.2 [R2RML]

ISSUE-74 (appendix-B2): Re-organize the table in Appendix B.2 [R2RML]

Raised by: Richard Cyganiak
On product: R2RML

This is part of David's LC feedback:

It's about the table in R2RML Appendix B.2. David says:

* I found it a bit confusing to click on the property links (e.g. rr:child) and to be taken to another document (I expected the properties to be defined in the spec). Furthermore it is not clear to me (maybe I missed something?) whether this related document is normative:

* But, actually it is quite useful from a user and implementor perspective to see a list of which _sets_ of properties are required. Meaning that either rr:object or rr:objectMap is required. One way to address this would be to list the shortcuts separately and define what underlying property they imply.

At the F2F there was also some discussion on whether it would be possible to add the various unstated constraints explicitly to this section. David noted that the table as it existed in earlier drafts of R2RML (before Richard's Big Rewrite) was more useful in this regard.

So, the question is whether the B.2 table can be re-designed or augmented with additional text to make it more useful and avoid the click-through confusion.

Received on Monday, 7 November 2011 16:33:55 UTC