Re: Many-to-Many table in R2RML

On 29 Jul 2011, at 15:19, Juan Sequeda wrote:
> Could you please add this example (or something similar) to the specs. I think it would be really useful.


I also broke up the example section into several smaller subsections to allow easier linking to specific parts of the example.

It raises a question though: Why does the example in 2.5 use a referencing object map, while 2.6 just directly uses the same templates as the referenced tables? I don't know how to explain that well.

> ok. but if I'm not wrong, it's not explicit in the spec that you can give a subjectMap and objectMap a URI. or is it?

I tried to clarify this a bit in 4.1

An R2RML mapping graph [] may assign IRIs or blank node identifiers to any mapping component in order to enable re-use of mapping components within the mapping graph. For example, an IRI that represents a subject map may be used as the subject map of multiple triples maps; and may even be used as an object map of another triples map if it has the right properties.

I've also raised two issues regarding syntactic sugar:

Thanks for asking the question in the first place Juan -- it helps improving R2RML.


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