Minutes of 2011-07-26 telecon


The minutes of today's meeting are available for review at [1]. Thanks  
a lot for scribing, Ashok!

The following issues have been resolved:

RESOLUTION: The WG is of the opinion that the charter's requirement to  
support the linked data principles is adequately addressed by the  
Direct Mapping and R2RML, as each allow for creation of URIs for  
database entities, with the caveat that ISSUE-43 is not yet resolved.  
No further action is required beyond resolving ISSUE-43. This closes  

RESOLUTION: ISSUE-43 into two: 1. add lookup table feature to R2RML  
(similar to existing D2RQ feature); 2. call to external function/ 
service. Postpone 2.

For the record - the following is *NOT* a resolution but was a typo  
that has not been corrected during the call. It must be removed from  
the minutes:
RESOLUTION: ISSUE-7 is resolved as R2RML provides facilities to create  
URIs for database entities


[1] http://www.w3.org/2011/07/26-rdb2rdf-minutes.html

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