Re: Addressing ISSUE-47 (invalid and relative IRIs)

Richard - Thanks for your efforts in wading through this and the many other
issues that you have taken on.

On Mon, Jul 4, 2011 at 6:14 PM, Richard Cyganiak <>wrote:

> 3. Invalid IRIs (e.g., anything containing spaces and so on) are skipped,
> and if any triple would include such an IRI then that triple is skipped

This worries me. I am uncomfortable with rows of data silently disappearing
based on their contents.

> 4. rr:template is changed so that it %-encodes most characters. This means
> that rr:column "person/{NAME}" will work even if the name contains spaces,
> the result will be "http://base.uri/person/Alice%20Smith"

A couple of thoughts on this:

* I don't think we yet had group consensus that R2RML should perform
automatic %-encoding.

* I think a consequence of what you are proposing is that the following two
R2RML snippets would behave differently with respect to encoding:
  rr:subject [ rr:column "Name" ]
  rr:subject [ rr:template "{Name}" ]

I think it would be less surprising to users if these two constructs had the
same behavior.


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