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I guess IRI should be the best choice, following what the other groups have
(OWL2, SPARQL, RIF, RDFa) let me reference a discussion about this topic
in the "Semantic Web Mailing List" in the following link

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2011/2/16 Ivan Herman <>

> Guys,
> a simple question. What happens if the column name contains non basic ASCII
> characters? Ie, accented Latin, Russian, Chinese...?
> For Direct Mapping: We have to decide whether we use IRIs or whether the
> default is to convert IRIs into URIs according to the specs. My instinct
> would be to generate IRIs, but I am not sure the tooling around us is good
> enough.
> For R2RML: I am not familiar enough with SQL to know whether its usage to
> generate a virtual table covers all the possibilities. Ie, if I want to
> convert into URI, is it a trivial thing to do? Is it worth having some
> shorthands like the templates?
> This may not be a serious issue. But it is certaintly worth writing it down
> somewhere in the documents
> Ivan
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