Re: [R2RML Test cases] Reorganizing the test cases

> Hi all,
> After a quick look at the minutes, I think you suggested sth like
> - the expected default mapping result as separate entry
> - reorganization of the test cases, sth like
>      direct graph mapping
>      features of the r2rml
> - put the db-direct pairs in the first half of the document?
> - In TC3, due to absence of primary key, the subject will be a bNode?
> -  it might be better to have one kind of test cases for direct, and
> another kind for r2rml?

I think Eric proposed that we have the test-cases organized by database,
and then after each database a single direct graph test-cases and then
multiple R2RML test-cases.

-direct graph1
-r2rml 1a
-r2rml 1b

-direct graph2
-r2rml 2a
-r2rml 2b
-r2rml 2c

I thought it might be easier to do it linearly (i.e. direct graph then
R2RML), but I'm OK with Eric's sugggestion. I suspect Richard is as well.

> Since I was out of the call, would you pls clarify the aforementioned
> points?
> Thank you in advance and regards
> Boris

Received on Tuesday, 30 November 2010 18:55:12 UTC