Re: Reverse Mapping RDF2RDF

I wonder where this agenda item comes from... I guess it was triggered by my question to Michael at the SWCG call.

I did not have anything very complicated in mind, just a question... we are talking about the possibility of translating SPARQL queries to the SQL calls on-the-fly. I was just wondering whether there was a systematic consideration whether that is possible at all if I write an R2RML or use the direct mapping; if not, under which circumstances, and whether this is something that the author of an R2RML instance can influence. I saw in the inverseExpression term in R2RML; is that enough for what I meant?

Maybe some sort of primer text should include more information on that.

That is all...


On Nov 19, 2010, at 20:20 , Juan Sequeda wrote:

> Hi Ivan,
> Per the agenda, it states:
> 4. Reverse Mapping
> Question from Ivan re RDF2RDB (it's not in our charter, but maybe some WG
> members plan to address this?)
> I'm curious about RDF2RDB. Could you expand on this. What are the use cases? Requirements?
> Thanks
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