Re: Plan going forward

> Ok. So Marcelo and I will continue on our original plan.
> Headache this morning for no reason then. At least we got this resolved.

The original plan was to have everyone work on a single document. After
talking with Ashok and Thomas, I now agree with Ashok that it is
unfeasible to merge documents given the short amount of time before Nov.
9th, so all respective parties should continue working on different
documents, as detailed in Ashok's e-mail.

However, for future reference, let's try to keep agreements that we make
at telecons. If there are problems in keeping agreements, please e-mail
the WG  (and chairs, if you wish to keep it private) as soon as possible
rather than, say, forking documents and the like. I am not sure at what
point the /alt and /directGraph documents split and exactly why, but now
we just have to live with it and vote on the 9th.

> Juan Sequeda
> On Nov 4, 2010, at 10:28 AM, ashok malhotra <>
> wrote:
>> Yes, please keep working on the alt document.
>> Harry is with me in the room and agrees with this plan.
>> All the best, Ashok
>> On 11/4/2010 8:23 AM, Juan Sequeda wrote:
>>> All
>>> On Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 10:15 AM, ashok malhotra
>>> <> wrote:
>>>  Subsequent to Harry's note, Thomas and I had a chat with Eric
>>>  and we agreed on
>>> the following plan of action:
>>> 1. Juan and Marcelo will continue to work on a document based on Eric's
>>> draft and send it to the WG before Nov. 9
>>> On "a document" So that means that we will keep going forward with the
>>> separate /alt document that we are working on?
>>> Now I am completely confused. Harry sent an email 30 min ago about
>>> merging the documents.
>>> Please clarify
>>> 2. On the Nov 9 call the WG will decide whether to take this document
>>> as a base document
>>> to create the FPWD.
>>> 3. We realize that changes may need to be made to this document to get
>>> it to FPWD.
>>> 4. In the case that the WG does not agree to use the Juan/Marcelo
>>> document as the basis
>>> for the FPWD, the WG will consider a document produced by
>>> Eric.  Eric's document will not
>>> include the changes proposed by Juan/Marcelo.
>>> --
>>> All the best, Ashok

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