Re: Semantic of the language

Hi Juan,

Thanks for the references; I'll try to read through the papers. Do you 
know if the new additions in SPARQL 1.1 change the expressivity of the 
language in any significant way for this discussion?


On 3/14/2010 2:46 PM, Juan Sequeda wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> Last telcon we said that we were going to talk about the semantics of
> the language.
> Hopefully you all have the chance to look at these two papers:
> [1] The Expressive Power of SPARQL
> [2] Translating SQL Applications to the Semantic Web
> [1] states that SPARQL and non-recursive safe Datalog have the same
> expressive power. [2] shows FOL rules, which can be implemented in
> Datalog in order to automatically generate a rdf schema or owl ontology
> from a rdb schema. There have been several concerns that the mapping
> language shouldn't be more expressive than SPARQL. Given this previous
> work, if we define the mapping language based on non-recursive safe
> datalog (as shown in [2]), then we can assure that it will have the same
> expressive power of SPARQL [1]. Once we define the semantics, organizing
> the syntax should be straightforward.
> Looking forward to our conversation on tuesday.
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