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Hello All,

I am an HP Fellow in the Business Intelligence area.  I lead the technical architecture for our BI area in HP.  In addition, I have been an adjunct Professor at Santa Clara University for the last 20 years teaching graduate level courses in Computer Science Department.  I was member of the RDB2RDF XG group.

I have wide background in few areas including: development of Unix System V R3 at Bell Labs, architecting the Cray Research T3D NUMA machine, architecting & implementing the Oracle Buffer cache for SMP scalability in Oracle 7.3, and holds a patent on the idea of executing SQL predicates in an intelligent storage device.

My current interest is integrating structured and unstructured data toward next generation of Information Management in the Enterprise taking into consideration the uncertainty inherited in unstructured data.  I think semantic web is reasonable candidate technology to address this problem more than what was tried with the last many years.


Ahmed K. Ezzat, Ph.D.
HP Fellow, Business Intelligence Software Division
Hewlett-Packard Corporation
11000 Wolf Road, Bldg 42 Upper, MS 4502, Cupertino, CA 95014-0691
Office:      Email:<> Off: 408-447-6380  Fax: 1408796-5427
Personal: Email:<> Tel: 408-253-5062  Fax:  408-253-6271

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While I realize many of you many know each other from the previous RDB2RDF
Incubator Group, I think doing a round of "introductions" before our first
teleconference would be a great idea. So feel free to follow me!

I'm Harry Halpin, the W3C Staff Contact for this Working Group [1]. My
role will basically to assist the group in getting the standard through W3C
process on schedule. I'm more than happy to answer questions about the
W3C, W3C Process, and our technology (such as the ever friendly Zakim),
and will also help liason with the W3C in general for this group,
including publicity, co-ordination with the rest of the W3C, and outreach.
However, my job has been made a lot easier due the high calibre chairs of
the group! Overall, I'm an advocate of Linked Data and think this
technology could fulfill a crucial role in bringing the power of
relational databases to the Web.

Before joining the W3C as a Fellow (sponsored by Eduserv and the
University of Edinburgh), I received my Ph.D. in Informatics from the
University of Edinburgh. However, I'm originally from America, as you'll
notice on the phone. My academic specialities were in machine-learning,
information retrieval, and knowledge representation (SemWeb) - and am
mostly known academically for studying collaborative taggging as a complex
system. However, I used to be a tutor for Peter Buneman at the University
of Edinburgh, and thus have a long-standing interest in relational
databases. I was also chair of the GRDDL WG (W3C record for shortest time
to full Recommendation), and co-chair the Social Web Incubator Group.

I'll be either "harry" or "hhalpin" in #rdb2rdf on W3C IRC,, and my contact details are on my homepage[1], and am
also  available on Skype, Facebook, and the like. Whenever I am in IRC
feel free to ping me.

Can't wait to meet you all - at least over IRC and phone :)



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