SWObjects slides for Tue

I'll be working on this more, but here's a start on the slides
introducing algebra for RDB->RDF and (corresponding) SPARQL->SQL
mappings. If folks want to play with this stuff, try downloading
the appropriate SPARQL from
and executing "SPARQL -s http://hr.example/DB/ -e
   "PREFIX emplP: <http://hr.example/DB/Employee#>
    SELECT ?empName ?managName
     WHERE { ?emp emplP:lastName ?empName .
             ?emp emplP:manager ?manager .
             ?manager emplP:lastName ?managName }"

You should see:

SELECT emp.lastName AS empName, manager.lastName AS managName
       FROM Employee AS emp
            INNER JOIN Employee AS manager ON manager.id=emp.manager

which corresponds closely (modulo NULLs) to the results expected in

The pitch is that this is a doable and useful task and that the world
will buy us many beers for accomplishing this.

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