[Bug 29865] [FO31] UCA collation in substring matching


--- Comment #3 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
It might be worth mentioning why I am exploring this area at this particular
stage: in the run-up to publication of F+O as a PR, I have been running a
script that tests all the examples in the spec. In particular I have been
trying to test examples such as the one for fn:contains:

The expression fn:contains ( "abcdefghi", "-d-e-f-",
"http://example.com/CollationA") returns true().

by substituting a real collation 


that should have the desired properties.

This doesn't work in the current release of Saxon, and I have been
investigating what is needed to make it work.

In the course of this I also found that UCA collations were insufficiently
tested in the QT3 test suite and I have been extending the test coverage and
exploring the test failures that arise in Saxon.

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