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[Bug 29858] [XP31] Named Function References - context information

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--- Comment #1 from Michael Dyck <jmdyck@ibiblio.org> ---
Two things, both picky:

"[Definition: A named function reference is an expression that evaluates to a

While that statement is true, there are other expressions that evaluate to a
function, so it isn't very good as a definition of 'named function reference'.
To get a statement that's true *only* for named function references, we could
add something like "by literally specifying the function's name and arity".
(Though it sounds a bit clunky.)

Really, a named function reference is, by definition, just an instance of the
NamedFunctionRef nonterminal. If we were more willing to use nonterminals in
prose, "named function reference" wouldn't even need to exist as a term.

"The name and arity of the function reference must correspond to a function
signature found in the static context of the expression and to a function found
in the *function names* component of the dynamic context.]"

That's a normative requirement, which we don't usually put into definitions.
(Skimming through the glossary, I see that the definitions of 'encoding
declaration' and 'zero-digit' also contain requirements.)

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