[Bug 29547] Castable tests assume no year zero


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--- Comment #7 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
I don't understand the change that was made to these tests:

> cbcl-cast-gYear-003: "-0000" cast as xs:gYear
> cbcl-cast-gYearMonth-004: "-0000-05" cast as xs:gYearMonth

Previously the tests had no XSD dependency, and were expected to fail FORG0001,
which I think was correct: year zero is not valid under XSD 1.0.

Now the tests have been changed to have a dependency on XSD 1.1. I think this
makes the cast succeed. But the expected results have been changed to allow a
choice of errors: FORG0001 or FODT0001.

I think there should be two versions of each of these two tests:

(a) an XSD 1.0 version which expects FORG0001

(b) an XSD 1.1 version which expects either success, or FODT0001.

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