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[Bug 29891] [XP31] Prepublication check of XP31: Appendices

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Date: Tue, 04 Oct 2016 10:00:40 +0000
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--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
19. The change log refers to the "first Candidate Recommendation" and the
"Second Candidate Recommendation" [sic]. It is difficult for readers to
identify the documents associated with these phrases. Use specific dates of
publication and link to the relevant dated drafts.

20. I.3.1 item 2 is about annotations and assertions, which is XQuery-only.
Item 5 is about library modules which is XQuery-only.

21. There is a reference to "Resolves Action A-598-05" which seems
inappropriate. Every substantive change made after CR should have a bugzilla
entry for traceability.

22. I.3.1 list item 13 could usefully be absorbed into item 1, thus losing the
problem that there is no Bugzilla reference.

23. I.3.2 item 5, something missing in the sentence "Modified 4 Conformance to
use the term . Resolves Bug 28023."

24. I.3.2. list item 9 "Significantly changed description of names in Basics.
Resolves Bug 28241." Here "Basics" should be a specref.

25. I.5 consists entirely of its only subsection; there is a redundant level.

26. I.5 item 5 "Fixed an example" is not a substantive change, it's editorial.
Drop it.

27. I.5 item 11 "Eliminated use of to array functions that are no longer in
Functions & and Operators, such as fn:seq(). Changed ay: prefix to array: to
match current Functions & and Operators." - I don't think we need to list minor
changes between working drafts like this. Items 6-9 and 11-15 in this list are
subsumed by item 1 "added maps and arrays".

28. The presentation of information about incompatibilities is somewhat
incoherent. I would be inclined to structure appendix H as

H.1 Incompatibilities relative to XPath 3.0

 -- (map and array become reserved function names, from I.1)

H.2 Incompatibilities relative to XPath 2.0

-- (union types, from I.1)
-- (function, namespace-node, and switch become reserved, from the XPath 3.0
incompatibility list

H.3 Incompatibilities relative to XPath 1.0

-- the existing appendix H.

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