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[Bug 29419] [XP31] edge case with negative integer literals (UnaryExpr) and limits for -9223372036854775808, which cannot be parsed

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--- Comment #18 from Jonathan Robie <jonathan.robie@gmail.com> ---
Minutes from the meeting are here. We kept the 18 digits recommendation - and
it is in a NOTE, so it is not normative. I neglected to add the first
paragraph, I will do so now.


CMSMcQ: Here is a version of the note in comment 8 without RECOMMENDED and

     The effect of the above rule is that in the case of an integer or
     decimal literal, a dynamic error FOAR0002 will generally be raised if
     the literal is outside the range of values supported by the
     implementation (other options are available: see [F+O section 4.2] for

     The XSD specification allows implementations to impose a limit (which
     must not be less than 18 digits) on the size of integer and decimal
     values. The full range of values of built-in subtypes of xs:integer,
     such as xs:long and xs:unsignedLong, can be supported only if the
     limit is 20 digits or higher. Negative numbers such as the minimum
     value of xs:long (-9223372036854775808) are technically unary
     expressions rather than literals, but implementations may prefer to
     ensure that they are expressible.

DECISION: add CMSMcQ's Note to the XPath spec.

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