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[Bug 29472] [XSLT30] Add attribute "streamable=yes|no" to xsl:stream

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Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2016 13:44:18 +0000
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--- Comment #11 from C. M. Sperberg-McQueen <cmsmcq@blackmesatech.com> ---
In comment 10, ABr suggests that this bug can be reinterpreted as having been
not about switching streaming processing off and on but about the availability
of a declarative statement that a document read by an xsl:stream instruction is
or is not warranted streamable by the stylesheet author.

It seems to me that one of the important things learned in the process of
digging the deep hole MK mentions in comment 8 is that when we are being
careful, everyone in the WG agrees on the utility of a careful distinction
between (a) a description like "a declarative statement that a document is or
is not warranted streamable" on the one hand and (b) descriptions like "the
possibility to switch OFF streaming" (description) or "the effect ... is to
switch off ... streamed execution" (comment 3) on the other.  It seems very
clear from the description, comment 1, and comment 2 that at the workshop in
Prague the felt need was for something best described along the lines of (b).  

Closing this bug by doing (a) amounts to a claim that there really is no
important distinction between (a) and (b) after all; that is a claim I am not
ready to tolerate, let alone endorse.  

I recognize that different members of the WG assign different degrees of
importance to the difference between (a) and (b), but just as I have accepted
the unwelcome fact that not everyone is willing to make any effort to
distinguish clearly between declarative and imperative semantics at all times,
so I ask other members of the WG to accept the unwelcome fact that some members
of the WG (such as me) regard the distinction as fundamental.

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