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[Bug 29404] [QT3] anyURI in fn:collection

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Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2016 02:21:46 +0000
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Abel Braaksma <abel.braaksma@xs4all.nl> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Abel Braaksma <abel.braaksma@xs4all.nl> ---
Possibly the error description should be updated to reflect that it should be
valid according to RFC 3986, or the tests should specify an XSD 1.0 dependency.
Note that for fn:doc the error description is slightly different:

A dynamic error may be raised [err:FODC0005] if $uri is not a valid URI

But this may be vague on purpose. However, also in the case of fn:doc there is
no mention of the URI to have to be valid according to the RFC, in fact, the
term URI reference is not linked or defined clearly in this context.

Looking further, the function fn:collation-key, which takes a URI as well, has
no error conditions at all for an invalid URI, I raised that separately: bug

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