[Bug 29381] [QT3] resolve-uri-28 expects error FORG0002, but seems valid according to RFC-3986


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Personal response...

The URI spec is specific that only / is used for hierarchical processing.
https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3986#section-1.2.3 [[
  All URI references are parsed by generic syntax parsers when used.
   However, because hierarchical processing has no effect on an absolute
   URI used in a reference unless it contains one or more dot-segments
   (complete path segments of "." or "..", as described in Section 3.3),
   URI scheme specifications can define opaque identifiers by
   disallowing use of slash characters, question mark characters, and
   the URIs "scheme:." and "scheme:..".

(so no, you can't split a URN at a colon).

The URN spec is specific that it avoids the use of /.

https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2141 [[
 RFC 1630 [2] reserves the characters "/", "?", and "#" for particular
   purposes. The URN-WG has not yet debated the applicability and
   precise semantics of those purposes as applied to URNs. Therefore,
   these characters are RESERVED for future developments.  Namespace
   developers SHOULD NOT use these characters in unencoded form, but
   rather use the appropriate %-encoding for each character.

Therefore, there's no such thing as a partial URI reference for a URN.

Hope this helps.


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