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[Bug 29461] [xslt30] Clarify effect of document("") when the source stylesheet is not available at run-time

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Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 22:44:12 +0000
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--- Comment #3 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---

(a) In 5.3.1, replace the entry for static base URI as follows:

static base URI: In a conventional interpreted environment, the static base URI
of an expression in the stylesheet is the base URI of the containing element in
the stylesheet. The concept of the base URI of a node is defined in Section 5.2
base-uri Accessor DM30

In an environment where stylesheets are executed in a location where no source
code is present (for example, because the code of the stylesheet has been
compiled and is distributed as executable object code), it is *recommended*
(subject to operational constraints such as security) that the static base URI
used during stylesheet evaluation should be the location from which the
stylesheet was loaded for execution (its "deployed location"). This means, for
example, that when the doc or document functions are called with a relative
URI, the required document is by default located relative to the deployed
location of the stylesheet.

(b) Refer back to this text wherever we rely on the concept of static base URI,
e.g. in the stream-available, document, and json-to-xml functions.

(c) In fn:document(), change the first para of the Notes to:

One effect of these rules is that in an interpreted environment where the
source code of the stylesheet is available and its base URI is known, then
unless XML entities or xml:base are used, the expression document("") refers to
the document node of the containing stylesheet module (the definitive rules are
in [RFC3986]). The XML resource containing the stylesheet module is then
processed exactly as if it were any other XML document, for example there is no
special recognition of xsl:text elements, and no special treatment of comments
and processing instructions.

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