[Bug 30033] [xslt30] Streamability rules for fn:current() lack an "otherwise" clause


--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
Note also that rule (1) talks of the outermost containing XPath expression,
which doesn't really allow for use of current() within a pattern.

Test case stream-200 (in test set source-document) uses the following within a
streamable accumulator:

match="part-name/text()[$selected-parts = current()]"

To establish that this is streamable, we need to establish that the static type
of current() is a text node. There is nothing in the static typing rules to
achieve this. We can make it guaranteed-streamable by writing it as

match="part-name/text()[$selected-parts = current() treat as text()]"

but this seems a little unfortunate.

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