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[Bug 29819] [XSLT30] (editorial) Core functions

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--- Comment #3 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
I'm not comfortable with this resolution. It doesn't really address the fact
that the term "core function" is often used without much precision, and the
fact that the definition is far from intuitive.

I propose the definitions (in section 2.1, terminology): 

The term *core function* refers to a function that (a) is defined either in
this specification, or in Functions and Operators (version 3.0 or 3.1 whichever
is supported by the processor), and (b) is in one of the namespaces
conventionally referred to be the prefixes fn, math, map, or array.

and add the Note: the term *core function* therefore excludes user-defined
functions, constructor functions, and extension functions.

The term *core XPath function* refers to a *core function* that is defined in
Functions and Operators (version 3.0 or 3.1 whichever is supported by the

with the note: In other words, the term "core XPath function" generally
excludes functions defined in this specification, except in the case of
functions such as json-to-xml that are replicated in this specification and in
Functions and Operators 3.1; these functions are included in the definition
provided that the processor supports XPath 3.1.

Then replace/revise the usage of the term "core functions" as follows:

5.3.1, statically known function signatures: replace the first two bullets by
"The core functions" (hyperlinked) and delete the note saying "It follows from
the above that a conformant XSLT processor must implement the entire library of
core functions."

9.7 Static Expressions, statically known function signatures, replace "The core
functions defined in [Functions and Operators 3.0]," by "The core XPath
functions" (hyperlinked).

10.4.1, function signatures (change to "statically known function signatures"):
Change "All core functions" to "All core XPath functions" (hyperlinked). The
context makes it clear that this intends to exclude XSLT-defined functions.

20, change the first sentence to "This section describes XSLT-specific
additions to the core XPath function library."

Drop the new appendix G.1 (I think that it's difficult to make it both simple
and correct at the same time; we can't afford for it to be simple and wrong,
and if it is complex then it serves no useful purpose because it replicates
information elsewhere in the spec.

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