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--- Comment #3 from Abel Braaksma <abel.braaksma@xs4all.nl> ---
I'm a bit worried how this may interop with existing new-line handling:

* If a user has an explicit seq of  xD, xA in any order and count
* If other Unicode newline characters are used (NEL anyone?)
* If xml:space="preserve" is selected (ignore newline overrides?)
* On implicit newlines in xsl:text
* On implicit newlines between elements (i.e. in insign. whitespace)
* Newlines added by character maps
* Resolution of entities (external parsed)
* Newlines in attributes (I mean, num. char. refs, they should of course remain
a char ref)

Ideally, *all* newlines should be handled the same, *unless* the user uses a
kind of override. The question is, what overrides are accepted?

It is well-defined how XML newlines are normalized when reading, when
serializing, it seems to make sense to adopt the same (i.e., even explicit xD
sequences will then have a defined normalization). I think I'm with Michael
that character maps are a good (and hopefully only) candidate for overrides.

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