[Bug 29223] [XT30] function-1025/1026 test implementation-defined behavior


--- Comment #2 from Abel Braaksma <abel.braaksma@xs4all.nl> ---
Oh, you are right, I see it now (I was still in the "mode" of the
idenity-sensitive hint of previous draft, I think). I see:

DeterministicFO31 functions: as the term is defined in [Functions and Operators
3.1], these offer a guarantee that when a function is called repeatedly with
the same arguments, it returns the same results. A classic example is the
docFO30 function, which offers the guarantee that doc($X) is doc($X): that is,
two calls supplying the same URI return the same node.

which is set with new-each-time="no" (which seems to me that a better word
would be new-each-time="never").

So we allow this to blow up if caching is not enough.

I have inadvertently already pushed the changes, I will revert them back.

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