[Bug 29209] [xslt30] Template rules within xsl:override


--- Comment #2 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
I was under the impression it was already restricted to a single explicitly
named mode, but I may have been mistaken.

The #unnamed mode is never public, so it is automatically excluded.

I think we should exclude #all because it's very unclear what it is supposed to
mean in this context.

But a list of explicitly named modes works, I think. Also, I found text under
xsl:override that permits a template with both a name and a match pattern. So
change the proposed text to:

If the parent of the xsl:template element is an xsl:override element, then one
or both of the following conditions must be true:

1. there is a name attribute, and the package identified by the containing
xsl:use-package element contains among its components a named template whose
symbolic identifier is the same as this named template, and which has a
compatible signature.

2. there is a match attribute and a mode attribute, and the mode attribute
contains a list of tokens each of which is the name of a mode that is exposed,
with visibility equal to *public*, by the package identified by the containing
xsl:use-package element.

Note: #unnamed is not allowed because the unnamed mode never has public
visibility. The token #all is not allowed because its intended meaning is not

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