[Bug 29142] [XSLT30] streamability of the xsl:merge-source/select expression


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--- Comment #2 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
The WG studied this today and concluded that the points made are valid. I was
asked to propose detailed changes to correct the problems identified. However,
I think Abel has already proposed the changes which are needed, and I propose
to accept these unchanged. Specifically:

(a) change rule 3 to:

    3. The expression in the select attribute of that xsl:merge-source 
    element, assessed with a context posture of striding and a context item 
    type of U{document-node()}, has striding or grounded posture and a
motionless or 
    consuming sweep."

(b) add a leading "/" to the select expressions in the example, so they become
/events/event, and /log/day/record.

I'm leaving the bug open because the WG didn't minute a formal decision on it,
but I have applied the changes to the spec and I don't think any further action
is needed.

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