[Bug 29170] [XQ31] Function and Variable Annotations


--- Comment #4 from Jonathan Robie <jonathan.robie@gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Michael Kay from comment #2)

I modified it so that the term "create" is never used for annotations. An
implementation can provide a way for users to define annotations.

Defining an annotation is always an outside-the-spec mechanism, it is never
simply using an existing annotation in a query. Ditto for defining an

> (II) For function assertions (, we read:
> If a function assertion is not recognized by an implementation, it is
> ignored, and has no effect on the semantics of the function test.
> while for annotations (4.15) we read:
> If the namespace URI of an annotation's expanded QName is not recognized by
> the implementation, then the annotation is ignored.
> Is the distinction deliberate? What happens in the latter case when the URI
> is recognized but the local name is not? And is the behaviour in this case
> different if the URI is reserved (i.e., does this constitute "creating an
> annotation")?
> (These points seem to be more than purely editorial so I am raising the
> priority).

In the telcon, we decided that an implementation ignores an annotation or
assertion when the URI is not recognized, just as we do for pragmas.

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