[Bug 4378] error in K2-NodeTest-21


--- Comment #19 from Josh Spiegel <josh.spiegel@oracle.com> ---

> In XSLT it is not always possible to detect statically

This change is only relevant to function declarations so I don't see why it
should impact XPath or XSLT.

> This is also true for the top-level expression in XQuery in the absence of a context item declaration.

This situation is a bit different though.  In the case of the initial context
item it (1) has a static type and (2) may or may not be bound at runtime.  In
the case of the function body context item (1) there is no static type (it is
defined to be absent) and (2) it is impossible for it to be bound at runtime.

Does Saxon infer static types?  If so, what static type do you infer for "." in
a function body?

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