[Bug 29173] [QT3TS] xs-error tests expecting XPTY0004


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--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
Rationale on this: the xs:error function is defined to be equivalent to casting
to a union type with no member types. This takes you to 19.3 (casting to union
types), which takes you to 19.2.2. This defines the cast in terms of
validation. Validation fails, because the value space is empty. Except where
otherwise specified, validation failures result in FORG0001.

The significance of this is that calling xs:error() produces a dynamic error
rather than a type error, which makes it safe to use for deliberate signalling
of a dynamic error in a branch of a conditional. Indeed F+O section 18.4
explicitly says that casting to xs:error will always fail with a *dynamic*

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