[Bug 29246] [XQ31] context item declarations


--- Comment #6 from Michael Dyck <jmdyck@ibiblio.org> ---
(In reply to Jonathan Robie from comment #5)
> OK, I tightened this up as follows:

(It would have been nice to indicate what was new in your text.)

> * If the declaration occurs in a main module and a value is provided for the
> context item by the external environment, then the initial context item is
> that value.

By adding "If the declaration occurs in a main module" (resp "library module"),
you indicate that the bullets are to be applied to the context item decl in
each of the query's modules. But this is odd, because the paragraph before the
bullets ("During query evaluation") is talking about something that happens
once per query eval.  Therefore, I prefer my suggestion (in comment 1), which
clarifies that the bullets only apply to the context item decl in the main

> If the declaration occurs in a library module, then the value of the
> initial context item after processing the prolog of the main module.

This is not a sentence.

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