[Bug 29199] [QT3TS] cbcl-cast-date-004, cbcl-cast-dateTime-004


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--- Comment #1 from Abel Braaksma <abel.braaksma@xs4all.nl> ---
> if the value is too large or too small to be represented by the implementation, 
> a dynamic error [err:FODT0001] is raised.

I have had a similar discussion a while back (can't remember the bug id), but I
believe this was *only* for cases were facets are out of bounds, *after*

The question is, is this date format invalid ("QQ") or is it overflowing
("18446744073709551616"). I'd argue that any type first needs to be parsed
before it gets converted into an internal data representation, in which case
this would *not* be an overflow case, but an invalid date case.

Note, from a parsing perspective, the XSD facet for year allows
"18446744073709551616". So, during parsing and facet validation, this part is
valid, only after that the overflow *may* kick in, but we never get that far.

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