[Bug 28693] Editorial: consistency in names relating to formatting decimals


--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
I made an attempt at this during 3.0 development and found it very hard to fix.
In fact, I think the text we have now is partly the result of a botched attempt
to fix it. It's difficult to get it right when it runs across so many of the

Obviously the keywords used in XSLT and XQuery cannot change; the question is
whether other terms can be brought into line.

The distinction between the attribute name and the symbol name was originally
deliberate; the decimal-separator-sign is the value of the
xsl:decimal-format/@decimal-separator attribute or its default, and having
different names avoids frequent repetition of this distinction. However, the
introduction of decimal format property names into the static context made this
rather unnecessary.

We do seem to have some inconsistencies that should definitely be ironed out,
e.g. the definition of the static context says "[Definition: decimal-separator
specifies the character used for the decimal-separator-symbol; the default
value is the period character (.)]", but format-number calls it the

I don't think it's possible to achieve complete alignment. The attribute name
"digit" is simply too generic to use in the text without qualification.

Another editorial point is what markup and rendition we should use for
references to "things" in the static and dynamic context [and what are the
"things" anyway? Variables, components, properties?]. Perhaps we should use
<termref>/<xtermref>. Currently both <var> and <code> are used.

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