[Bug 28540] [FO30] [FO31] defaults for serialization parameters with fn:serialize not defined


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--- Comment #9 from Christian Gruen <christian.gruen@gmail.com> ---
I share some of Josh's concerns when it comes to introducing defaults that
haven't existed in earlier versions of XQuery. On the other hand, I would have
favored if defaults had been defined in the very beginning, so I have a hard
time deciding for one or another.

However, these would be my favorites when defaults are to be chosen:

> encoding               utf-8

This would also be my favorite. One of the reasons is that most today's XML
documents are encoded as UTF-8, so to me it seems to be the most obvious output
format as well (think e.g. that the results are also stored in files, or simply
output on command-line as well).

> item-separator         tab

I think it would be the most unobtrusive choice not to define any character by
default (i.e., to have it absent). If a character is to be assigned, though,
the newline character (&#xA;) could be another alternative. It is already used
in the adaptive method if the item-separator is absent. As second alternative,
I would also prefer to have a space instead of a tab.

> standalone             no

Similar to Abel, I would prefer 'omit' as default.

> omit-xml-declaration   no

I would also vote for 'yes' as default value. The XML declaration only makes
sense if the XML method is used for serializing a single document. Moreover, if
UTF-8 will be defined as default encoding, and if 'omit' was chosen as the
default of 'standalone', the XML declaration would be superfluous for the
default case.

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