[Bug 28241] most names are specified using the EQName production? most?


--- Comment #3 from Jonathan Robie <jonathan.robie@gmail.com> ---
I think the root problem is that this is trying to define the lexical form of
an expanded QName before we have defined that term.  The solution is probably:
(1) move the following text so that it occurs before the production (and modify
it to make it a better definition), and (2) change the description of the
EQName production to make use of this definition:

Names in XQuery 3.1 can be bound to namespaces, and are based on the syntax and
semantics defined in [XML Names]. [Definition: An expanded QName consists of an
optional namespace URI, a local name, and an optional namespace prefix.] 

In the XQuery 3.1 grammar, expanded QNames are represented by the EQName

Is that better?

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