[Bug 28116] [xslt 3.0] xsl:original and reserved namespaces


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--- Comment #2 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
Following WG discussion:

(a) I have added a note relating to the name "xsl:original", pointing out that
it is used to refer to components but is not actually the name of any

(b) I have moved section 3.2 to be closer to 5.1. Section 5 now has

5.1 Names
5.1.1 QNames
5.1.2 Unprefixed QNames
5.1.3 Reserved namespaces

Section 5.1.1 no longer attempts to give an exhaustive list of named
constructs; section 5.1.3 gives a complete list in the definition of the error

(c) As actioned by the WG, I researched the question whether reserved
namespaces should be permitted in the names of user-defined or
implementation-defined error codes. I found that existing specfications were
fairly clear that there were no constraints on the namespace used in such
codes, and I concluded that introducing such a constraint was unnecessary,
paternalistic, backwards-incompatible, and would require retrospective change
to XPath 3.0.

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