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[Bug 28812] JSON options 'unescape' and 'liberal' prevent use of off-the-shelf JSON parsers

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Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2015 17:36:49 +0000
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--- Comment #2 from Josh Spiegel <josh.spiegel@oracle.com> ---

> it should say that if unescape=false is specified, escaped characters will be retained in escaped form, and unescaped characters will be converted to escaped form if they are not valid XML characters.

If the goal of unescape=false is just to prevent non-XML characters then why
doesn't it just do that?  Why does it also preserve XML characters that
happened to be escaped in the JSON?  In the case of valid XML characters, this
seems like a meaningless distinction and is analogous to preserving character
references and CDATA sections in XDM.

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