[Bug 28762] [XSLT30] (editorial) focus of xsl:merge-key's select attribute and sequence constructor


--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
I propose to define the evaluation of merge keys as follows:

<p diff="add" at="S-bug28762">The value of <var>N</var>th merge key value of an
item <var>J</var> in a <termref
               def="dt-merge-input-sequence">merge input sequence</termref>
<var>S</var> is the result of the expression
            in the <code>select</code> attribute of the <var>N</var>th
<elcode>xsl:merge-key</elcode> child of the
            corresponding <elcode>xsl:merge-source</elcode> element, or in the
absence of the <code>select</code> attribute, the result of the contained
            <termref def="dt-sequence-constructor"/>, evaluated with a <termref
def="dt-focus"/> in which the <termref def="dt-context-item"/> is
            <var>J</var>, the <termref def="dt-context-position"/> is the
position of <var>J</var> within <var>S</var>, and
            the <termref def="dt-context-size"/> is the number of items in

However, for this to work we need to change the definition of "merge input
sequence" to be (in the case where sort-before-merge="yes") the sequence prior
to sorting, rather than, as currently, the sequence after sorting. This appears
to work.

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