[Bug 27613] [XSLT30] I18N-ISSUE-392: Decimal Format incomplete?


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--- Comment #2 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
This was discussed at the XSL WG meeting today, but without a definitive

We noted some of the problems:

(a) issues related to the logistics of changing our specs at this point in the
development process

(b) issues related to backwards compatibility

(c) differences of fitting new features into the way we currently subdivide
functionality: decimal formats and pictures for fractional numbers, xsl:number
and format-integer for integers. 

(d) since XSLT and XQuery are Turing-complete languages, we feel there are some
formatting issues that are best tackled by user-written functions rather than
by declarative mechanisms. Many WG members felt that currency formatting fell
into that category.

(e) some number formatting seems to require the output to include markup rather
than being merely a string of characters (e.g superscripts, or "boxing" of
roman numerals). Such formatting is beyond the scope of our current functions
and should remain so.

We left the discussion with actions to examine whether there were features in
TR35 that could (and should) be integrated into our current structure of
format-number()/format-integer() without excessive disruption.

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