[Bug 27498] [ser 3.1]Unfailing serialization


--- Comment #11 from Christian Gruen <christian.gruen@gmail.com> ---
One more hint regarding Comment 3:

> e. functions are serialized to the representation "function fn:name#A
> where fn:name is the function name and A is the arity. If the function
> is anonymous, "fn:name" is replaced by the string "(anonymous)"

If "function name" is supposed to be the string representation of the function
item's QName, we could illustrate this with some examples:

* exists#1 → function exists#1
* fn:exists#1 → function fn:exists#1
* Q{http://www.w3.org/2005/xpath-functions}exists#1 → function exists#1
* function($a) { $a } function (anonymous)#1
* exists(?) → function (anonymous)#1
* exists#1(?) → function (anonymous)#1

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