[Bug 27737] [FO3.1] Casting: is xs:integer a primitive type?


--- Comment #2 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
I think there is an additional, much more convincing, reason why casting
between types derived from integer and decimal should follow 19.3.4 (casting
across the type hierarchy) rather than 19.3.3 (casting within a branch).

12.01 cast as xs:positiveInteger

Since (12.01 cast as xs:integer) succeeds, it seems reasonable that 12.01 cast
as xs:positiveInteger should also succeed. This will be true only if we follow

Furthermore, if after this length of time we are clarifying an ambiguity in the
spec, we should lean towards the more permissive interpretation, i.e. not
stopping things from working that on one reading of the spec should currently

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