[Bug 28024] Does "[Unicode] characters" EQUAL "Char production in [XML]?


--- Comment #7 from Patrick Durusau <patrick@durusau.net> ---
I had no intention of being "bit disingenuous" with my comment about

You raised the distinction between hyperlinked terms and not hyperlinked text
as though multiple meanings of a term are so signaled in the document.

First, the document makes no mention of that practice.

Secondly, it isn't necessary to resort to formal notation to define "string"
(or any other term) and then to use it consistently throughout a document. 

It is using a term relying on the "understanding" of a reader that causes the
difficulty. Either the document states what it means, consistently, or it
doesn't. Opening up the "understanding" of the reader puts non-native English
speakers at a clear disadvantage. 

I don't understand the difficulty with consistent usage of terminology. I
assume the every time infoset is used, it is the XML infoset that is meant. But
that isn't the case for string.

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