[Bug 28024] Does "[Unicode] characters" EQUAL "Char production in [XML]?


--- Comment #5 from Patrick Durusau <patrick@durusau.net> ---
I am puzzled by:

"The word "string" here is used in its everyday sense, and this can be inferred
from the absence of a link to any definition of "string" as a term of art."

I say that because under 3 Data Model Construction I find:

"The data model supports some kinds of values that are not supported by

Infoset with a hyperlink and thus a term of art but I also find under 6.2.3
Construction from an Infoset:


    All Element Nodes constructed from an infoset have the type xs:untyped."

Where infoset appears without a hyperlink. Is that a different definition of
infoset than [infoset] with a hyperlink?

I ask because the distinction of hyperlinked terms and non-hyperlinked versions
of the same term isn't stated in the draft. Moreover, I don't think non-English
speakers are likely to divine that two different meanings are intended by
hyperlinking, bolding, etc. 

As I noted with RFC2119, the difference between UPPERCASE and lowercase is an
explicit rule for use of that standard. Personally I would call it out when
invoking RFC2119 as a reminder to readers.

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