[Bug 29346] [XP31] XPath-style currying, or the arrow operator, may require a bit more specification


--- Comment #6 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
>What is your take on aligning this more closely with the static function call
syntax, i.e. my point (6) in comment#0? That is, allowing a => concat#3('b',
'c')? It requires adding NamedFunctionRef with otherwise the same semantics as
you describe for EQName.

We need a very strong justification to change the grammar at this stage, and I
can't see that this is important enough. It only provides cosmetic improvements
for something that is surely not a common requirement.

Incidentally, as defined in the spec concat#3(1,2,3) is not a static function
call, it is a dynamic function call.

If we want more orthogonality in the grammar then the top thing on my list
would be to add VarRef on the rhs of a lookup operator. But we don't want minor
improvements now, we want to finish.

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