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[Bug 23944] xsl:package/xsl:expose position

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Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2014 21:46:25 +0000
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--- Comment #3 from Tony Graham <tgraham@mentea.net> ---
Sorry for the delay; I didn't see the emails for the bug updates and only saw
there'd been updates from your meeting minutes.

Option B works for me, since I expect that people will gravitate towards
conventions for where to put xsl:use-package and xsl:expose such that most uses
would be matched by one of the other patterns anyway -- just like most/many
people already put all their xsl:include near the top of their stylesheets just
as a matter of good housekeeping -- but I don't want to presuppose what the
convention will be.

Without having been able to use xsl:package yet anyway, my expected sequence
would have been:

   xsl:use-package*, xsl:expose*, (xsl:stylesheet | xsl:transform)

but that could be because I'm influenced by the current model and/or by too
many years of putting 'import' or '#include' statements at the top of files.

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