[Bug 24549] Primed stylesheets, execution scope and stability of functions


--- Comment #2 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
The note in the first bullet of 2.3.2 is in fact correct; but it's confusing,
because it refers to static parameters, whereas the preceding text refers to
non-static parameters. The note should draw out this contrast.

Concerning the second bullet of 2.3.2, the "traditional API" was to provide a
single node as input, and in the language of the new spec, this node served as
the initial input sequence (for selecting the apply-templates entry point),
while the root of the containing tree provided the "initial context item". This
relationship is now being portrayed as a characteristic of some legacy APIs
rather than as an inevitable feature of every API.

The F+O problem has been raised in a separate bug report: bug #24646.

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