[Bug 24550] Unclear what an input sequence is


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--- Comment #3 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
I have made "initial input sequence" a defined term.

Reflecting points made during the discussion though not captured here, I have
replaced the first bullet point (including the Note) in 2.3.3 with:

<p diff="chg" at="R-bug24550">The <termref def="dt-initial-input-sequence"/>.
An API that chooses to maintain compatibility with previous versions of this
specification <rfc2119>should</rfc2119> allow a singleton node to be provided,
which is then used in two ways: the node itself acts as the <termref
def="dt-initial-input-sequence"/>, and the document node of the containing
document acts as the <termref def="dt-initial-context-item"/>.

(The Note was incorrect in saying that in 2.0, the initial context item used
for global variables was the same as the initial context item used for template
matching. The supplied node was used for template matching, and the root of its
containing document for evaluating global variables.)

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