[Bug 24207] XPath-level element and attribute constructors for use in anonymous functions


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The WG discussed this during the ftf meeting in Prague.

We agree that this is a possible path for growth of XPath, though it is a path
the WG is not inclined to take at this time.

In the discussion, a few technical points were made which may be worth

- Functions to construct nodes will feel most convenient to many users if they
can be chained (so one could write an expression like element('x').att('id',
'x0001').att('code',3) to produce <x id='x0001' code="3"/>).  (The alternative
of element('x', (att('id', 'x0001'), att('code'3))) was also mentioned; the
function library of SQL/XML.  Or the set of attributes can be defined by a map
from names to values.)

- Having the same expression language in XSLT and XQuery might be another

- Since the F and O function library already has crossed the boundary line of
including functions which return nodes (doc()), it is conceivable that
functions for constructing elements and attributes could be specified and
prototyped in EXPath.

Strictly speaking, this issue seems to involve XPath, not XSLT; should it be
reassigned to XPath 3.0 or 3.1?

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